Muhammad Ali NFTs sell out in 24 hours; pack sales top $160k

Muhammad Ali by Christina Jansen NFTs on WAX

Photographer Christina Jansen‘s collection of Muhammad Ali NFTs on the WAX blockchain has sold out after 24 hours on the market. In all, this pack sale generated $160,940 in sales.

About half the packs sold out in the first 10 minutes, with the remaining Classic Packs taking 24 hours to sell out. (Side note: buying the smaller Classic Pack gets cards at $4 each, compared to $2 each in the larger Photographer Pack.)

Three types of packs were offered, starting at 1 pm EST on Tuesday, August 10, 2021.

Boxing Futures Pack (1 NFT) for $9.99 USD — All 1,000 packs (total $9,990) sold out within 10 minutes.

Photographer Pack (25 NFTs) for $49.99 USD — All 1,700 packs (total $84,983) sold out within 10 minutes.

Classic Pack (5 NFTs) for $19.99 USD — All 3,300 packs (total $65,967) sold out in 24 hours.

(Note: A free Promo Pack dropped on Monday)

More details on the collection at the official website:

Go to Collection page

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